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We are Amy and Carly, a dynamic duo of Bible school grads. Amy is the digital artist and Carly is the author. Our passion is spreading the good news of Jesus to everyone, especially kids. We believe in the transformative power of God’s Word in people’s lives. Having said that, there’s simply not enough free quality Bible resources online for kids.

We are releasing a series of illustrated Bible stories. Every Friday, another page will be released until each individual story is complete.

All artwork published on Fishnet is copyrighted. You can use them for noncommercial purposes with attribution to

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Noah and the

Great Flood

Noah and the Great Flood is a Bible story from the Book of Genesis chapters six through nine. God covers the earth with a flood but Noah and his family are safe inside the Ark. This is the third and final part of Noah's story. This is a part of our series on Genesis.